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A Taste of Sunshine - Sunny Hills Pineapple Cake

Treat yourself to some time out or catch up with friends at the Sunny Hills store as you relax and enjoy their famous hospitality along with their signature pineapple cake and a cup of freshly brewed Oolong tea.

You may be wondering why the cakes are described as honest-to-goodness taste and a taste of sunshine

Quite simply, it’s because they are made with …

  • organically grown pineapples
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 50 years of baking experience
  • recipes created by award-winning chefs


So, why are these pineapples so special? What makes them different?

 The origins of Sunny Hills history and their pineapples is very interesting.

Their story begins in the rugged countryside of the Bague Mountain in central Taiwan where the incredibly flavourful pineapple grows on the harsh red earth characteristic of the land. Native farmers toil all day under hot sun throughout the year harvesting only the best of the crop by hand.

Today, the Sunny Hills tea house, brings you the taste of these pineapples, responsibly sourced from the Bague Mountain native farmers and presented in the best possible manner.

And they give back to the land...

Sunny Hills prides itself both on its great tasting treats as well as its philosophy of giving back to the farms and land from which it sources its natural ingredients. This ensures that the farmers are properly incentivised to grow their crops honestly without unnatural additives and that they are more than fairly compensated.

What if you feel like something other than Pineapple Cake?

For 10 years, the Pineapple Cakes were their only tropical fruit cake on sale. They now also offer delicious apple pie made from Japanese kougyoku apples;  and durian rolls and roulades baked with all-natural ingredients and premium durians from plantations in Pahang, Malaysia.

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