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Collection: Langkawi

Legendary Langkawi

The legends of Langkawi are tales that most Malaysians grew up with. Langkawi, is home to 99 tropical islands, this island’s fascinating myths and legends includes The legend of Mahsuri, The fairies of the Tujuh Telaga, Tasik Dayang Bunting to Mat Chincang & Mat Raya. From which names of mountains, towns and landmarks derive their names.

For eco-travellers, Langkawi has been awarded the ‘Geopark’ statusby UNESCO, for the beauty of its geological heritage, dating from 500 million years old. Her beautiful landscapes, built of limestone, caves, sea arches, stone remains of glaciers and fossils. Blessed with blonde sandy shores, it is a traveller’s paradise for the perfect place to getaway. This island also boast of the most prestigious resorts in Malaysia, and home to one of the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia.

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