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Our Story

Origin Journeys is a trading name of The Traveller DMC Pte. Ltd.

The name Origin Journeys was conceived during this difficult period of Covid, where we went back to the drawing board and asked ourselves what travel and leisure really meant to us. The idea of going back to or re-discovering our roots, tapping into narratives of revisiting one’s heritage or place of origin (the point or place where something begins) and being able to offer unique, personalised and guided homegrown experiences in nature was foremost in our minds and the name Origin Journeys was birthed.

We envision Origin Journeys as a platform for authentic and novel experiences in Singapore, allowing both local and international audiences to truly connect with real grassroots businesses and to really be able to appreciate what our country is about. More so than that, we hope to be a force for good by channelling leisure and tourism dollars where they are needed the most.

Our journey may not be without obstacles but we have faith that we will get there. We hope to share our walk with you and we hope to spark that travel joy in your life once again!

About The Traveller

Established over fifteen years ago, The Traveller is a recognised destination management company focusing on providing tailored travel experiences for corporates and groups within Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

With networks running deep within the travel industry, The Traveller has built for itself a strong foundation from which to develop and evolve as our world changes.  For 14 consecutive years (2007 – 2021), The Traveller has been awarded the Best Inbound Travel Award – as selected by the readers and editors of Singapore Tatler, a leading luxury lifestyle magazine.

The recent pandemic has provided The Traveller with the opportunity to review its current business-to-business offering. Through utilising existing networks and relationships; a new opportunity lies in the ability for us to connect directly with consumers through Origin Journeys. 

Whether you select one of our unique packages or prefer us to create a bespoke journey for you, we will ensure that you experience the true depth and richness in the art of travel.